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“Górecznik” is a name of a pond, which as early as in XIX century belonged to a fish farm owned by the Radziwills, Polish aristocratic family. In mid-twentieth century it was also a peat exploitation site and at the close of that century a week-end recreation facility for employees of the Rolling Stock Repair Workshops in Wroclaw.

Mr. Jozef Szelag, a present owner of Górecznik, has noticed the place’s potential to become a quality resort. He started with a wooden fried fish stand and wooden tipi. When the EFF was made available to local communities in Poland, an idea of an education outdoor exhibit located by the pond was born.  73 boards present rural life and fisheries sector of the Barycz valley. Today the exhibit makes a part of Górecznik’s education  and entertainment offer including: “Our homestead”, “World of insects”, “Forest hats” (mushroom) education outdoor exhibits, regional workshops (baking, cooking, Christmas decorating of gingerbread), mini-zoo, kart racing (with electric engines), zip line, bike rental, playground for children, Fairy Tale World, mini-train. They attract numerous clients to Górecznik. In 2018 some 5,000 pupils visited the exhibit itself, coming not only from the region.

Construction of wooden decks overlooking the pond and a smoking chamber were a next step. The thatched roofs of the decks correspond with traditional architecture of the Barycz valley, which makes Górecznik more attractive to visitors. Even more does the smoked fish, which extended a culinary offer of the tavern. Tables on decks provide necessary extra space.

2017 was a groundbreaking period for Górecznik. In a short time ancient fried fish stand and tavern were replaced by a modern 3-star hotel and restaurant. The new building is very attractive and functional. Both the hotel with 19 comfortable and stylish rooms and the tavern perfectly combine modern design with elements and materials typical for the Barycz valley. Materials, equipment and furniture used are of high quality and details were given a lot of attention. The restaurant’s boast is a 14,000 litre aquarium with close to 250 species of water fauna and underwater Barycz valley village. Restaurant’s menu card contains both freshwater and sea fish dishes, as well as craft ice cream, desserts and Górecznik beer.

Photovoltaic panels produce clean electric energy, so far some 39 MWh, which is an equivalent of 50 planted trees or 39-ton reduction of CO2 emission.

A proper fitting out of the restaurant was an important element of applying the short supply chain concept in restaurant’s offer of fish dishes. Its menu’s ‘carp in chanterelle sauce’ flagship is based on carp fish from Karol Girus fish farm in nearby Mozdzanów, where the fish is bred in 3-year cycle with only natural fodder applied. EMFF supported kitchen equipment allows shortening the meal awaiting time to 16 minutes without any damage to dish quality. It has also resulted in creation of 3 new jobs.

The Górecznik Tavern&Hotel offer is one of the elite group of regional products and services granted the Barycz Valley Recommends brand  - a quality assurance system developed by the Barycz Valley Partnership FLAG.

  • Main achievements: Generation and a very consistent implementation of a viable business idea targeting a wide scope of client groups. Very good incorporation of existing natural and cultural resources into this idea, underestimated by other businesses. EU funds, EFF/EMFF among them, were clearly for Mr. Szelag not only a source of funding (like it is often a case) but also of inspiration, which led the development of his business in proper directions (i.e. education, regionalism, short supply chains, ecology/renewable energy)
  • Transferability: This case may serve as a pattern for other areas, not only with inland aquaculture production, as it can be applied to many products/services which can gain value through proper consideration of combined origin, quality, environmental, education factors.


  • Lessons: a good business idea supported by consistent development policy and external funding may result in creation of a coherent entity – sustainable enterprise with a potential to grow.


  • Key words: inland aquaculture, diversification, added value, cultural and natural heritage, innovative approach



Skills: the venture’s success required an ability to create business idea based on good understanding of the market trends, good identification of target groups and their needs, as well as very high business management skills supported by high level of consistence and perseverance. It also required good knowledge of possible external support, as well as cooperation capability, necessary for making use of it.

Staff resources: It is difficult to name everybody involved in the venture. Some 30-people team have taken care of constant  development of Górecznik brand, propelling the company’s growth. Presently it employs 46 people, including marketing experts, animators of educational activities, restaurant and hotel staff, but in high season the number is much higher.


Financial resources:

Development of outdoor educational exhibit and delivery of educational programmes (EFF and national funds 2007-2013):

€ 375,000

Smoke chamber and wooden decks (EFF and national funds 2007-2013): € 52,000

Photovoltaic panels (EMFF and national funds 2014-2020): € ……………  

Restaurant kitchen fittings (EMFF and national funds 2014-2020): € ……………  

Other resources: natural resources of the region: waters, in particular Górecznik pond, aquaculture, rural landscape. Barycz Valley Recommends and Milicz Carp brands, cultural heritage of the Barycz valley.

Summary information and contact details

Time frame: Regular, ongoing activities.

Case study date: March 2019

Type of organisation: limited liability company

Tomasz Wojciechowski, Marketing Officer, supervisor of the Education for the Barycz Valley programme

Górecznik Tavern&Hotel

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+48 730 744 199


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